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This was an amazing tool that we used throughout the entire process”

Christy Daniels, Oxnard CA

 “We referred to the FILE CABINET throughout the entire process and it made things so simple.”

A. Farrell, Los Angeles CA

“This tool was brilliant!  I’ve purchased real estate for many years and have never had anything to keep the paperwork organized like this did.”

Adrienne Paterson, Oxnard CA

Do you want to buy a home and feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork involved?  Do you not know where to begin?

Saving your information in email folders is confusing and unorganized..

This toolkit is the simplest yet effective way to do this and become a home buyer NINJA.

The File cabinet is a zip file that you download to your desktop or mobile device. It is set up with empty folders labeled in the order of the process from the day you start your home search to well after you close. You can easily slide your PDF files into them as you go along to keep track of all your documents.

Provided within the file cabinet are printable checklists for your mortgage documents, critical timeline dates, contacts, Inspections, utilities, change of addresses and more.

A super bonus within the file cabinet is an excel calculator for you to keep track of the closing costs and down payment as you are shopping for your home so you know exactly how much money you will need at closing. This is a tool you can use with me throughout the process to also calculate your mortgage payment on different priced homes and loan amounts as you shop for a home.



You’ll Get a digital zip file which includes the FILE CABINET with 45 Folders and Sub folders, 10 Checklists And the bonus EXCEL closing cost calculator.