There is a fire sale on real estate!

There is a fire sale on real estate!

Bloomingdales is having a sale!  90% off everything in the store!  But I think I’m going to wait?

Wait….for what?

I think they might have a 95% off sale……okay…you wait for that, I’ll be back!


Now if that were true of Bloomingdales or ANY store, would you wait?

I just had this conversation with my client that I’ve been working with for over a year.  They were in escrow but canceled the escrow because of termite repairs.  I followed up with them a little while after they canceled the escrow and this is what they told me.  We think we are going to wait because we think things will go lower.

Alrighty then.

Now my next call was from a client who is a real estate investor that lives in Beverly Hills.  We were working out how he could finance the 9th property he was about to buy this year.   He was like a kid in a candy store.


real estate investors

I wished I could have let the first client listen to the conversation with the second client.

So how do we educate people without sounding like we are just self serving sales people trying to make a buck?

The FACTS ….the facts……and nothing but the facts……

real estate facts1.      My burberry rain boots were normally 226.00 and now they are 22.50! (not true But if it were,) Good deal? DUH!

2.       Rates haven’t been this low for anyone in this lifetime.  Good deal?  DUH     (This is FACT!)

There is a FIRE SALE on real estate……….DUH!  (THIS IS FACT)

Santa Clarita Real Estate FIRE sales……

Now I ask again……there is a fire sale on real estate….interest rates are at their lowest……..are you still going to wait?

If so…..good luck and I’m sorry you couldn’t make it to the party!

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