Success Stories

I appreciate all the kind words and testimonials from my clients.  Here is what some of my clients have to say:

  • Colleen was amazing! A recommendation from a friend, she got us the lowest possible rate and walked us through every step of the process of owning our first place. As we first time buyers we had many, many, many questions and Colleen was ever gracious with her time, walking us through the ins and outs of each step and getting us to a place where we were comfortable with everything. We cannot recommend her enough!

Jamie Conway, Encino, CA 8/2017

  • Thanks Colleen! I appreciate your patience with all my questions. It’s been such a great experience working with you and you can be sure we will recommend you to our friends. 

   Lindsey Conway, Encino, CA  8/2017

  •  We have used  Colleen several times for both personal homes and rental units.  She knows her stuff, keeps on top of the details, guides you through it all and is upfront with costs and on top of interest rates.  That’s why we have used her several times and will continue to do so.

        Adrienne  Paterson,  Oxnard CA   1/2017

  • Colleen was extremely helpful and patient with all my questions as a first time home buyer. I will recommend her to any of my friends looking to buy. I’m so glad I met her at the Redfin class she put on for first time homebuyers!
    Susana Preciado North Hills CA  1/2017
  • We just wanted to follow up to say thank you again for all of your help in getting into our new home.  During the process of dealing with the other lender, my husband and I were regretting that we didn’t utilize you as our lender.  We wish we could have gone with you but are so very grateful for the advise you gave during the process.  You did not have to take the time to speak with us during our home purchasing process and loan approval, but you did out of sheer kindness, which is a trait hard to find in people these days.  We have been referring everyone we know to you and are excited to come back and utilize your services once we are ready to refinance our home.  Looking forward to working with you and again, we are so very grateful for the selfless guidance you gave to our family.

          Christy Daniels, Oxnard CA  2/2017

  • Four years ago, shortly after a divorce, I ended up stepping away from a deal that was days from closing because I felt taken advantage of. I felt the Mortgage Lender had only his own interest in mind. I let him know what the bottom line that I was comfortable with paying a month, it was interesting that he couldn’t get me to what I was asking for. My circumstances have not changed much since that, attempt at a home purchase. The buying of a house for the first time, as a single woman was scary. So much so that I did not attempt to purchase a new home for another 4 years. I met Colleen Craig in my neighborhood and found her very likeable and genuine. I could tell that she cares about people. As I got to l know her, I started asking her a lot of questions and got a lot of very clear answers. It was obvious that she knows her stuff. I had a couple of obstacles. The home I was purchasing was a Probate property (so everything needed to go before, or be signed by, the trustees and a judge in another state). I had to be out of the rental that I was in by the 1st week of the following month. That meant, that I needed a 30 day Escrow. What I now understand is, that that is almost unheard of nowadays for a probate property. I knew what was going to be needed and so I was prepared. I had some other financial obstacles that Colleen handled like a pro. She was relentless in staying informed and keeping communication on going with all that were involved. I realize how important that was, because not all the hands in the pot knew what the other hands were doing in the pot. “And Hey, that’s my pot they are messing with”. She caught all potential hazards before they became a problem. My house closed in 30 days and she is still here for me with any question after the fact. She has amazed me so many times, that I started to refer to her as a NINJA. She is a Mortgage Ninja in my book. Thank you Colleen Craig for your relentless efforts to make me a home owner. It’s an honor and a pleasure to know you!

Patricia Perdigao, Port Heuneme CA  9/2016


  • Colleen is EXCELLENT. Very easy to work with, helpful, passionate, understanding and knows this stuff inside and out. I can’t recommend her enough. You won’t be sorry.

Jason Schmidt, Glendale CA  8/2013

  • *Incredible customer service. Helped us stay one step ahead of the entire process allowing us time to deal with issues from the escrow company when they came up. Came to our house to explain the process.  A true pro! Yet I felt like I was doing business with a good friend.

Charles and Rebecca McMackin, Reseda CA 2/2016

  •  My dear friends  forwarded along your contact info. They only have wonderful things to say about how your expertise and professionalism guided their 1st time home buyer experience! My husband and I are looking to buy our first home here in the Dallas, Texas area. We are hopeful to find someone as helpful as you!

Matt & Jessica, Dallas Texas 7/2016


  • She helped us with all the complicated process when we were in the middle of selling our old house and buying a new one. She is always there before the deal is closed and finalized.. and she is still there for me and my family when we have any question. She goes that extra mile for us.. Other agents maybe will not be there anymore when the deal is done…. I can go on and go on write about how grateful my family and I, myself feel so grateful about Colleen’s efforts to help us.So, Colleen…. You are a special lady and a friend, you are very close to our hearts..Thank you very much from all of us here!

Ennykun Talok & Jason Bennett,  North Hills, CA  2013

  • Colleen is the most knowledgable, relaible and hardest working lender I know. The agents here at Sellstate Horizons Realty love the fact that she is always just 1 phone call away (not like others where you leave a message) and she closes deals on time as promised!!! Her website is a constant tool to us all.

Kathryn  Landon, Realtor  Tarzana, CA  2011